Not just another LED light.

The S6 takes craftsmanship to the next level with a precision aluminum housing, industrial finish with UV protection, and the best CREE LEDs available!

Every part, process, and finish was chosen to provide superior LED output and outstanding product reliability!

Spot Beam


Oval Beam

By the Numbers
Weight 2.5kg (per light)
Dimensions 6″ Dia (153mm)
Optics Options Spot/Driving, Flood/Oval, Mixed (1 x Spot/Driving, 1 x Flood/Oval)
Output 7000+ raw lumen (high beam) 3500+ raw lumen (low beam) per light
Power 60w (high beam) 30w (low beam) per light
LEDs 6 x CREE XPL (BIN: XPLAWT-00-0000-000BV6051) per light
IP Rating IP68
Finish Black Industrial UV Safe
Included Hardware Varies by package
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Details Matter

We could have cut cost, cut corners and cut performance to make a cheaper light but that’s not in our blood! All parts and processes were selected to deliver the performance you demand and the reliability you expect!

Precision Aluminum Housing

High-precision fully aluminum housing for unmatched quality and maximum thermal performance! Additionally we use all stainless steel hardware from the bolts to the mounting hardware!

Certified CREE

REVEEL is an official certified CREE partner and we only use the highest-bin LEDs available!

Industrial Grade Finish

Our industrial grade finish gives durable protection that last and looks great!

TIR Optics

By using high-efficacy optics we’re able to put far more light down range and reach higher levels of beam control than conventional reflectors.

IP68 Rated

Rated to IP68 and fitted with GORE® protective vents plugs REVEEL products can handle anything you can throw at it and keep on running!

Integrated Controls

With built in high/low beam control, and multi-stage thermal management, REVEEL lights are the most advanced on the market!

Time Tested

Our flag ship light the S6 was first installed in 2014 and has been in test in the lab or in the field for years before we took our first order! We wanted to make sure that we put the system through all seasons, and a wide range of true world conditions before shipping our first production unit! 

Freezing winter nights through snow and ice, wet and rainy spring mud holes, intense sun and dry summer trail rides, and causal fall camping trips, the S6 has done it all and more without issue!

Not to mention the harsh Baja Rally conditions for thousands kilometers!




If you’re the EU and want to purchase REVEEL products please email us for help on pricing and the closest shop to your location. We currently have a shop in The Netherlands that can service most EU countries.

Available Packages

  • Lights
  • Beam/Optics
  • Raw Lumens
  • High/Low Beam Control
  • IP68 Rating
  • Wiring Harness
  • Mounting Hardware

S6 - Double Pack

  • 2
  • 2 x Driving/Spot or Oval/Flood Beam Sets
  • 14,000+ Lumen (Pair)
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Included (Switch, Relays, Wiring Harness)
  • Included

S6 - Single Pack

  • 1
  • 1 x Driving/Spot OR Oval/Flood Beam
  • 7000+ Lumen (Single)
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Included (Power cable only)
  • Bracket only


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